A business diagnostic from Oxford Innovation to support
recovery for SMEs’ affected by the Covid19 crisis


Welcome to GROWTHmapperTM Recovery, created by Oxford Innovation, the UK leaders in SME business diagnostic tools. GROWTHmapperTM Recovery is a bespoke business analysis tool specifically designed to provide you with practical steps to navigate a pathway to recovery from the impacts of Covid19.

GROWTHmapperTM Recovery generates a comprehensive report that details your business characteristics in terms of key operational functions that will build resilience and recovery capability.

How does it work?

Each management team undertakes the GROWTHmapperTM Recovery online questionnaire. Taking just 15 minutes to complete, it examines 6 key areas:

GROWTHmapper® is a tried and tested platform, used by over 30,000 SME’s in the UK

The GROWTHmapperTM report contains a series of charts that highlight relative strengths and weaknesses. This, together with an examination of alignment allows a leadership team to check for consistency in their understanding of the challenges to agree priorities for action. The coach or adviser uses the report to facilitate a discussion that focuses attention on key actions and recovery planning, all adjusted to reflect the relative levels of crisis or resilience in each area of operations.

Our unique intervention matrix provides specific options for each business dependent upon their relative position on the pathway to recovery. These are created through analysis of each operational area in the context of the impact of Covid19 on the business.

The benefits to you

  • Independent and confidential online tool that takes just 15 minutes to complete
  • Report generated within minutes
  • Clear and easy to understand analysis of your relative strengths and exposure as a business
  • Allows you to understand what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement and development
  • Practical suggestions for immediate action to mitigate against the impact of Covid19 on your business
  • Broad spectrum of insights from crisis management to coping and recovery strategy
  • Feedback provided by skilled, accredited business advisers


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