A business diagnostic from Oxford Innovation to support
recovery for SMEs’ affected by the Covid19 crisis

What is it?


Created by Oxford Innovation and supported by the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC), GROWTHmapper® Recovery is a purpose built diagnostic and recovery planning tool for SMEs’. It assesses their immediate needs and, in conjunction with an accredited GROWTHmapper® coach or advisor, creates an effective business management and recovery plan for the current Covid19 crisis.

GROWTHmapper® Recovery is designed to minimise the risk of business failure by identifying the particular key priorities for each business highlighting any necessary tactical approaches to creating stability.

For Business Support Organisations, it is an invaluable resource for delivering an effective and consistent response to business needs whilst simultaneously providing rich data insights that assist in the monitoring of activity and ancilliary programme design.

How does it work?

Each management team undertakes the GROWTHmapper® recovery online questionnaire. Taking just 15 minutes to complete, it examines 6 key areas:

The GROWTHmapper® report contains a series of charts that highlight relative strengths and weaknesses. This, together with an examination of alignment allows a leadership team to check for consistency in their understanding of the challenges to agree priorities for action. The coach or adviser uses the report to facilitate a discussion that focuses attention on key actions and recovery planning, all adjusted to reflect the relative levels of crisis or resilience in each area of operations.

Our unique intervention matrix provides specific options for each business dependent upon their relative position on the pathway to recovery. These are created through analysis of each operational area in the context of the impact of Covid19 on the business.

What benefits does it deliver?

Available for use by any business support organisation following initial online training

  • A proven process for guiding business owners along a pathway to business
    transformation through a consistent engagement mechanism
  • A structured approach to business support that delivers an effective, coherent
    process for survival, stabilisation and recovery
  • Detailed data outputs that provide policy makers with feedback on the
    impact of activity and the needs of the business community
  • A valuable mechanism for resolving differences of opinion among
    the leadership team – particularly important during periods of rapid decision
    making and critical pressure
  • Fortnightly SME insights by ERC drawn from business diagnostic data

About us

Oxford Innovation is the UK’s leading business support organisation for SMEs’. With an operational footprint across 26 LEP areas, including the management of 25 Innovation centres, we engage 1-1 with the leaders of more than 2,000 SME’s every year. This gives us detailed insights into how SMEs’ work and how best to support them in their growth ambitions.

Developed by Oxford Innovation, GROWTHmapper® has been used by over 30,000 SMEs’. It is deployed as a core element of project delivery in major national business support programmes and is currently in use across multiple business support projects throughout the UK. It is acknowledged as the leading SME business diagnostic and the proven architecture behind it has been used to develop this purpose-built response to the Covid19 crisis.

The Enterprise Research Centre are acknowledged as the UK’s leading centre of excellence for research into the growth, innovation and productivity of SMEs. Their research helps shape better policies and practices that enable SMEs to thrive.

GROWTHmapper® for Recovery has been development by Oxford Innovation. Supported by ERC it is designed to enhance the response to the unprecedented economic impact of the Covid19 crisis. It is available for use at minimal cost as part of our joint commitment to supporting Government initiatives to help sustain the SME population.

Call or email today for an online demonstration of how GROWTHmapper® for Recovery can have an immediate, beneficial impact on your business community.

Andrew Finley
Commercial Director, Oxford innovation